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Verdure Bay is a community of seasoned experts in drug, device, and diagnostics development. Our professionals are specialized in an array of functions and therapeutic areas, and can support most product development activities.

Why work with us?

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Connection matters

We have directly worked with - or have been referred to - each expert in our community. Similarly, we look to build lasting relationships with our clients. The stronger our relationships, the higher quality engagements we fulfill - and ultimately the more value we bring.

Time is valuable

Our internal team is nimble - we are fast! We know that forward momentum is key. We have facilitated engagements within 1-2 days. The combination of our flexible internal team and our tight-knit professional community allows for direct communication and seamless coordination.

Flexibility and scalability

We are well-positioned to work with your team's dynamic needs as they evolve over time. Our responsive model was designed to flex in support of short- and long-term engagements, and scale to cover both narrow and broad resourcing requirements.

Seasoned, senior-level expertise

Indeed, there's a time and place for any level of experience. With our network you can rely on seasoned professionals with extensive depth in their functional and therapeutic areas. Their experience ensures they can integrate quickly and hit the ground running.

Quality expertise doesn't have to mean exorbitant pricing

Our lean model is one of low overhead costs, so our fees remain at or below industry averages for any given role or assignment.

When hiring an FTE may be unnecessary, impractical, or risky...
  • Short-term, temporary, or partial assignments

  • Early-stage product development

  • Financial and longevity uncertainty

  • Rapid up-scaling for late stage development

Our experts are flexible, and are generally not seeking a long-term commitment as a FTE (though they may be open to further discussion).

We created CoHere for a smooth and transparent experience in identifying appropriate expertise for your program or project. Have a look through some of the professionals in our network here!

Our services

Verdure Bay partners with life sciences organizations on resourcing strategy, and utilizes a deep and highly experienced network of industry professionals to fulfill organizational goals at the functional, program, and project levels.  We are utilized by large global, mid-sized, small, virtual, and non-profit organizations, and we specialize in the following:

CRO/vendor selection and oversight

​Clinical operations functional services, in place of CRO components

Document management and trial master file

Clinical supply and manufacturing, and CMC project management

Program and portfolio management

​Clinical development leadership, medical affairs, and drug safety

​Analytical development, formulation development, and packaging for stability

View all of the functional areas we support here!

How it works:

  1. You have a role to fill.

  2. Call us directly with details, or browse CoHere.

  3. A CDA is executed (if necessary).

  4. Our internal team finds 1-2 best-suited candidate(s) matching details.

  5. You review CV(s) and connect with the candidates you like.

  6. Appropriate fees are agreed upon.

  7. An MSA and work order are executed.

  8. Engage in regular communication as needs evolve.

Give us a call at  +1 (860) 304-0601 or send a note to

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